Friday, November 05, 2010

Book review: The Weight by Andrew Vachss

The Weight: A NovelThe Weight: A Novel by Andrew Vachss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A professional thief with a strict code of honor, Sugar returns home from a jewel heist set up by his mentor Solly and finds his apartment filled with cops. But they aren't there for the robbery, the have mistaken Sugar for a rapist who has brutally attacked a woman. The cops know something is fishy, Sugar isn't a rapist, so they offer him a choice - if he rats out the people on the robbery, the cops will let him slide on the bogus rape charge. But Sugar has a strict moral code: he will not rat under any circumstances, so he goes to jail for five years for a crime he didn't commit. When he gets out of jail and receives his share of the money from Solly he is also told that one of the other members of the robbery team can't be trusted and has gone missing in Florida. Solly wants Sugar to take care of the problem. But Sugar's not just muscle, he's got brains, and he knows that something's just not right... Vachss is one of my favorite writers because he never takes the easy way out and he avoids the cliches of crime fiction. Even when his great Burke series was at its bleakest there was always much more going on the violence and crime. The same thing applies here too, as this book is really a story about honor and trust than the actual crimes themselves. Sugar behaves by a strict code, but he learns that some of his colleagues don't feel the same way, and that the idea of honor among thieves means different things to different people. This book develops slowly, but it is worth the wait, Vachss develops his characters really well, and this book is no exception.

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The Weight -

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