Friday, December 17, 2010

Buddy Guy - The Definitive Buddy Guy (Shout Factory, 2009)

Blues guitarist and vocalist Buddy Guy has become an iconic figure on the modern blues scene, after many years in the trenches, he has received a level of success few blues musicians have achieved. While it is impossible for a one disc compilation to encapsulate a career that has lasted for over fifty years, this collection does a fine job of demonstrating the facets that make up Guy the musician. There are selections from his lengthy partnership with the harmonica player and singer Junior Wells that lasted for many years including the classic "Hoodoo Man Blues" which became an legendary and often covered song on the blues scene. Guy's high-wire live performances are captured on a couple of tracks with a blistering version of "I've Got My Eyes on You" and a haunting version of "The Things That I Used to Do." Buddy Guy became part of the Chess Records stable when he came to Chicago from Louisiana in the 1950's, supporting musicians like Muddy Waters and cutting his own singles for the label like "Stone Crazy" and "The First Time I Met the Blues" which are included here. This record makes for a fine sample for a younger person interested in the blues, Guy's work crosses over easily to the world of rock 'n' roll, and in fact he is the idol of quite a few rock guitarists. Like most good collections, it makes you interested in the artist and eager to hear more. Definitive Buddy Guy -

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