Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DVD: Mikrokolektyw - Dew Point (Delmark, 2010)

Mikrokolektyw is a very interesting duet consisting of Kuba Suchar on drums and Artur Majewski on trumpet with both contributing to electronic soundscapes. For this DVD they were filmed by Raymond Salvatore Harmon, who placed the band in a position to improvise a spontaneous soundtrack to his film Sound in Motion. It turns out to be a fine combination, the duo's deeply rhythmic performances work well with the film that was shot in Chicago, and features gritty images of elevated trains and row-houses. Majewski plays some excellent trumpet throughout, with a golden tone that he will juxtapose against himself and the percussion by multi-tracking and altering the sound of the instrument. Suchar is a percussive powerhouse, moving from the traditional drum kit to hand percussion at will. Overall, this was a very interesting experimental project. The music and the images complemented each other well, and made for a compelling presentation both visually and aurally. Dew Point - amazon.com

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