Thursday, January 06, 2011

Book review: Disciple of the Dog by R. Scott Bakker

Disciple of the DogDisciple of the Dog by R. Scott Bakker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disciple Manning is a private eye with a difference. He can't forget anything... literally, he has a complete photographic memory of all conversations and experiences that he has had. Manning is contacted by a family in distress, their daughter who had run away to join a New Age cult has gone missing and they hire Manning to find her. Manning is a fascinating character, far from the PI from central casting. Dope smoking, womanizing, but most of all he is a complete cynic, which leads to several witty (and occasionally laugh-out-loud) moments. Manning decamps to a rustic Pennsylvania town, where he meets to messianic cult leader along with the local law enforcement. Hooking up with a journalist, he attempts to solve the mystery of the missing girl. It's Bakker's creation of Manning and his hysterical cynicism that makes this book a winner. The dialogue is occasionally repetitive as he replays discussions in his mind after having them, but the pace keeps moving briskly to an unexpected conclusion. Hopefully there is enough enthusiasm for this quirky title for it to become a series. Disciple of the Dog -

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