Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Interesting Links

Destination Out had a banner year in 2010, opening their own web store and curating a series of concerts. The bid adieu to 2010 with the obligatory list of their favorite music of the year just past:

(excerpt) While we don’t pretend toward comprehensiveness in our listening, we thought it might be of moderate interest to D:O’s absurdly intelligent and good-looking readership to know of some releases that, if you haven’t already heard them, would be worth your valuable time and cents, in our estimation.

Author R.J. Ellroy talks about the power of the blues:

(excerpt) Because the blues sits behind everything. It is a rhythm, an atmosphere, a heartbeat, a pulse, a color, a feeling. It isn’t just a sound. You hear sounds with your ears. This wasn’t just something you heard, it was something you could feel in your heart.

Jon Wertheim writes about listening to The Bad Plus at The Village Vanguard:

(excerpt) The Bad Plus at the Vanguard is an amazing experience not only because of the signature sound of the trio and the history of the club. As an audience member, the tension of simultaneous inward and outward musical motion is suspenseful and invigorating.

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