Thursday, March 03, 2011

Books: One Lonely Night by Mickey Spillane

One Lonely NightOne Lonely Night by Mickey Spillane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hard boiled detective Mike Hammer is going for a walk on a bleak snowy night when he runs into a distraught woman being chased by a gunman on a bridge near Manhattan. Hammer dispatches the thug with a blast from his .45 but is too late to save the woman who jumps to her death. Investigating what led to this event takes Hammer deep into the Communist underground of New York City at the height of the Cold War, where suspicion and paranoia reign supreme. When a local politician running on a reform ticket is implicated for a murder he didn't commit, Hammer takes on the case and starts to see connections between the two murders and the international communist conspiracy. This was a fun read, but definitely time-locked into a period of American history where Cold War hysteria was at its most extreme. Mike Hammer wraps himself in the flag and goes hunting the evil commies with his trusty .45 and in one memorable scene lets loose with a couple of clips from a tommy-gun. It's all guns, cars, dames and Commies... a blast from the past (literally) from an America long gone. The Mike Hammer Collection, Volume 2: One Lonely Night, The Big Kill, Kiss Me Deadly -

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