Saturday, April 09, 2011

Inzinzac - Self-Titled (High Two, 2011)

Influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, free jazz and eastern European music, this Philadelphia based band is composed of Alban Bailly guitar, Dan Scofield on soprano & tenor saxophones and Eli Litwin drums. Combining strong improvisations with densely composed music, Inzinzac has a very strong and deep sound with electric guitar drawing from an intricate knowledge of jazz, ranging from the blustery bellow of Last Exit and Naked City through more composed nods to punk and metal. The music is continuously exciting, driven hard by the relentless drumming along with strong guitar and billowing rips of saxophone that anchor the ensemble. It’s not a continuous freakout, however, the band understands dynamics and wow to build insistently from near silence to a thrilling level of sound. There is an electric current of excitement running through the music that is communicated to the listener in a fun and engaging manner. Check this band out, they are another example of the highly fertile Philadelphia that seems to get lost under the glare of the New York City lights. Inzinzac -

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