Saturday, April 02, 2011

Shteamer on Brotzman

Hank Shteamer, journalist and blogger has posted a couple of wonderful articles about the famous free-jazz reedman Peter Brotzmann.

The first looks back at his most famous early work, Machine Gun:
(excerpt) "What it is, is a very early, very great example of midsize-ensemble free-jazz composition and arrangement. This recording has a thousand times more purpose and direction than anyone seems to want to admit, least of all Brötzmann, who has been perfectly happy to feed the mythology with his tales of sleeping on cardboard and beer for breakfast."
In a companion post, he discusses Brotzmann's work in general an the enjoyment he gets from it:
(excerpt) "Brotzmann is one of those periodically recurring jags for me. I can tell by my hard drive that I was on another PB kick not that long ago. What that tells you is that he's one of my masters."
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