Sunday, May 01, 2011

Books: Eightball Boogie by Declan Burke

Eightball BoogieEightball Boogie by Declan Burke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Declan Burke is an Irish author and proprietor of the popular blog Crime Always Pays. Originally published only as an e-book, and now available as a print copy, Burke's down and dirty story of crime, greed and the search for redemption is most worthwhile. Henry Rigby is a freelance journalist and sometime private eye that gets drawn into a web of conspiracy when covering the murder of the wife of a prominent Irish politician. After being hired to investigate a supposed licit romantic affair, Rigby trips over a veritable hornets nest of drug trafficking, crooked cops, bent politicians and the return from prison of his ne'er do well brother Gonzo. Burke writes very well with a snarky and sardonic sense of humor, delving deep into the depths of noir that should make fans of Ken Bruen and Alan Guthrie happy. The complex and ever changing narrative is wrapped up nicely in the end and overall Burke does a fine job telling a compelling crime story.

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