Sunday, May 22, 2011

Books: Gardens of Night by Greg F. Gifune


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gardens of the Night is a haunting and melancholy work of psychological horror that strikes a deep nerve in the reader's psyche. Marc and Brooke, a married couple are survivors of a brutal home invasion and sexual assault that has left Marc particularly damaged. Drifting out of hospitals and mental institutions, he hears sounds and voices that haunt his dreams and lead him to believe that the world is far more complex and dangerous than we imagine. At the urging of his wife and friend, the three decamp to an isolated house in upstate New York, that quickly evolves from a vacation to an exercise in Gothic horror. Marc is separated from his companions after a car accident and wanders in a deep wood until he confronts his true fate and fights to separates dream from illusion and reality. This book came highly recommended by Tom Piccrilli on his blog, and in fact bears much in common with Piccrilli’s writing (except for the lack of humor.) Gifune writes very well, and continually ratchets up the intensity, weaving elements of crime, fantasy and horror like a craftsman. There is a deep sadness that runs through the story, but that should not keep perspective readers away from a unique and well told tale. Gardens of Night -

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