Monday, May 23, 2011

Books: Frayed by Tom Piccrilli

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Frayed is one of a number of digital-only releases crime and horror fiction author Tom Piccrilli has released recently. For a modest price it is a fine novella featuring Piccrilli’s usual themes of crime, the supernatural and dark humor. The two protagonists of the story are best friends and mortal enemies since childhood, both authors, who believe they killed an an angel in a deserted park in Long Island. When Gray, the writer confined to a mental institution, invites his friend/nemesis Eddie to the institution for a cabana party, Eddie can’t believe what he sees, some sort of alternative therapy clinic compete with luscious food and beautiful women. But not all is as it seems at this paradise as Eddie finds out when after a brutal fight with Gray and he leaves with more questions than answers. Two women claiming to be psychiatrists from the institute follow him with wildly different stories, leading up to the dramatic showdown between the frenimies at the abandoned park where they supposedly buried the angel. Piccrilli writes very well and compassionately about mental illness, you really never know throughout the story who the “ill” one really is. He also keeps the action and dark humor rocketing along. Well worth a few dollars if you have a Kindle or some such device. Frayed -

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