Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starlicker - Double Demon (Delmark, 2011)

Cornetist Rob Mazurek may live in Brazil now, but he retains deep ties to the Chicago jazz scene. Joining up with John Herndon on percussion and Jason Adasiewicz vibraphone they take us on a beautiful cosmic voyage, something akin to an updated Sun Ra small ensemble if there were such a thing. The combine their sounds very well, sounding much bigger than three pieces, and supporting each other beautifully. "Double Demon" begins at a fast tempo with complex and dynamic vibes and trumpet circling fast and strong. The vibes shimmer and seem to glow as Mazurek's cornet grows strong, fast, fluid and very powerful. Hard to believe that it is vibes, drums and cornet accounting for all of this power. Spacious and mysterious vibraphone launches "Voudo Cinque" into inner and outer space, while building to a deeper and more resonant medium tempo. The music features thick and deep rhythm with piercing cornet ripping through with shimmering vibe accents. "Orange Blossom" also features crystalline vibes and Herndon rising up with his own special brand of fast, complex and heavy drumming. Fast and strong cornet declares over the deep percussion of drums and vibes. "Triple Hex" begins very slowly like a voodoo ritual with minimalist vibes and drumming and smears of brass. Slowly the musicians develop the improvisation, almost imperceptibly upping the ante until the music becomes a reaching, searching three way ritual dance. This was very exciting progressive jazz, full of deep beauty and powerful and potent musical statements and portents. Double Demon -

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