Sunday, September 25, 2011

Books: Wyatt by Garry Disher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's no secret, Wyatt is an Australian Parker. Like Richard Stark's great American anti-hero, Wyatt is a cold and calculating thief, looking for ways to ply his trade in an increasingly digital world. A fellow thief comes to Wyatt with a plan: knock over two wealthy jewelers when they transport their goods via car. After stealing the car, everything goes pear-shaped: Wyatt is double-crossed and he and the third thief of their string are shot and left for dead by the double-crosser and his psychotic femme-fatale companion. They bring further heat by killing the jewelers in an aborted ransom attempt. Wyatt now must seek revenge against the duplicitous former ally, care for the injured partner (a woman he is becoming increasingly attracted to despite his best efforts to maintain a cold and calculating veneer) and most importantly, get the money which turned out not to be jewels, but bearer bonds worth millions. Throw in a crooked cop looking for a payout and a courier turned hitman, and you've got an explosive mix. This was an a very enjoyable thriller, thoroughly in the Stark/Parker mode. Disher knows this and has fun with it by employing wry in jokes like having one the crooks named Lydia Stark, having Wyatt investigate the Westlake apartments, and finally one of the inmates in a drunk tank is named... Parker. So if you enjoyed the Parker series or are a fan of hard-bioled crime, you will most certainly enjoy this one and I look forward to catching up with earlier novels and the further adventures of Wyatt. Wyatt -

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