Friday, September 23, 2011

Buddy Guy - Buddy's Blues (MCA Chess, 1997)

Blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy followed the great migration route that many African-American musicians followed from the deep south to Chicago, Illinois; at that time the heart of the blues music in America. Guy scuffled for a while as most musicians do before being picked up by the legendary Chess Records as a session musician and eventual leader from 1960-1968. This one disc collection pulls together some notable singles from the period that feature the wide range of music that Guy recorded during that era. "First Time I Met the Blues" has a Chicagoan from another era Little Brother Montgomery, on piano, along with intensely powerful vocals and striking guitar. Another storming uptempo track is Willie Dixon's "Let Me Love You Baby" with it's composer on bass and Guy charging through the track. "Stone Crazy" may be the highlight of the set, a long deep performance with burning intensity on vocals and guitar. There are some other burning slow blues to round out the program, the haunting and powerful "Sit and Cry and Sing the Blues" is an epic of the heartbroken blues genre and "When My Left Eye Jumps" is a slow burning, ominous piece of hoodoo, showing that Guy was patient in allowing a song to develop. His patience would pay off as well, after wandering as a journeyman through the 70's and 80's he struck gold with the 1990's blues revival and catapulted into world-wide stardom, reigning today as the current king of the Chicago blues scene. This interesting disc shows how it all began. Buddy's Blues -

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