Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Matthew Shipp and Joe Morris - Broken Partials (Not Two, 2011)

Pianist Matthew Shipp and bassist and guitarist Joe Morris have been long time compatriots on the improvised music scene, but I believe that may be the first time they have recorded in the duet configuration ( at least with Morris sticking strictly to bass.) It works very well, with Morris adhering to acoustic bass and Shipp’s wonderful keyboard technique that makes use of the entire instrument. The music develops in a an eight part suite of improvised music, occasionally developing a chamber quality, but most often like being a fly on the wall as two talented musicians have a deep and thoughtful conversation. Joe Morris alternates between bowed and plucked bass adroitly allowing the music to become deeply textured as Shipp alternately drops bombs from the lower end of the keyboard as the music ebbs and flows like the tide. This album worked very well as both musicians were locked into each other and performing at a very high level. Highly recommended for fans of spontaneous (and near telepathic) improvised music. Broken Partials -

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