Saturday, October 01, 2011

Peter Brotzmann and Andrew Cyrille - Andrew Cyrille Meets Peter Brotzmann in Berlin (FMP, 2011)

A live meeting between multi-reedist Peter Brotzmann and drummer and percussionist Andrew Cryille seems like a match made in free-jazz heaven. Recorded live at a Free Music Symposium in Berlin in 1982, this album lives up to its potential with strong, powerful playing and potent, thoughtful interplay between the musicians. The opening track "Wolf Whistle" is a massive side long slab of free improvisation, with the two musicians bobbing and weaving like fine boxers, looking for space before finally locking in on a scalding a free jazz blowout. The remaining three tracks is a three piece suite named "Quilt" is a set of shorter songs of diminishing length. These shorter, more pointed improvisations, work just as well, with Brotzmann, cycling through his horns before giving way to Cyrille who takes the final improvisation solo. Andrew Cyrille Meets Peter Brotzmann -

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