Saturday, November 19, 2011

Books: Choke Hold By Christa Faust

Choke Hold (Hard Case Crime, #68)Choke Hold by Christa Faust

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Former adult film star turned vigilante Angel Dare is hiding out working in a small greasy spoon diner in Yuma, Arizona, after being busted out of the witness protection program by the very gangsters she tried to put away in the previous novel, Money Shot. When she has a chance encounter with a former lover and his estranged son, in the diner. Before they have a chance to get properly reacquainted, killers burst into the room with a hail of gunfire. Angel’s ex-beau takes a mortal hit and makes a deathbed request that she keep his eighteen year old son, a budding Mixed Martial Arts star safe at all costs. After barely escaping the attack, the move to the son Cody’s friend’s house, the punch-drunk fighter Hank. Together the three scour the American Southwest and Mexico, trying to shake the gangsters once and for all and and trying to get Cody his big chance at becoming a championship fighter in Las Vegas. This is a short and very powerful noir story, where the protagonist, Angel, is drawn into a series of events beyond her control that spiral out of control into chaos and death. In Angel Dare, author Christa Faust has created a truly compelling character, haunted by a troubled past, but hell-bent on being a survivor and nobody’s victim. Faust weaves elements of paranoia and dark violence into the narrative recalling pulp masters like David Goodis and Philip K. Dick, in the plot where nothing is what it seems and the well-drawn characters are desperate to stay one step ahead of danger. Choke Hold (Hard Case Crime) -

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