Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Books: Two-Way Split by Allan Guthrie

Two-Way SplitTwo-Way Split by Allan Guthrie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pearce is just out of prison after doing a ten year stint for murdering the drug dealer responsible for the heroin overdose of his sister. Moving in with his mother and trying to stay on the straight and narrow, he meets a woman, falls in love and borrows money from the local mob boss to buy her a huge wedding ring. She immediately dumps him, taking the ring and leaving him a big debt to the boss that he must pay by becoming an enforcer and collector. Meanwhile a most unusual gang prepares for a post office robbery: a sadistic woman, her schizophrenic former husband and the group's ringleader steal a significant amount of money. But in the process, the schizophrenic robber kills Pearce's mother, a clerk at the post office. Now things get really wild: Pearce and a bumbling private investigator are after the thieves, the PI for the money and Pearce for revenge. The schizophrenic robber begins flipping between two different personalities, neither is sure that they are responsible for. They all meet for a climatic showdown with the money and revenge at stake. This was a really well done crime novel, with Guthrie creating compelling characters and setting them in motion on a wild ride. He writes about the mentally ill character quite thoughtfully, with each persona denying they committed crimes and stole money, it adds another dimension to a fascinating story. Two-Way Split -

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