Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More Interesting Links

Destination Out has a wonderful tribute to the recently departed drummer Paul Motian, complete with mp3 examples of his music:
(excerpt) It was as if the very ineffable qualities of his time-keeping forced attempts at coming to terms with just what he had wrought as a player and composer. Of course, “keeping time” was really the last thing he did. Instead, he limned time; he pushed it around; he avoided the subject altogether.
Jon Wertheim turns the tables and interviews jazz blogger and pianist Peter Hum:
(excerpt) Yes, the reporting has in many instances become more informal, thanks to the use of social media. And yes, that informality can be reflected in the resulting blogging.It's not necessarily a bad thing, provided that it's a tonal thing, and not an indicator of journalistic laziness, in my opinion.
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