Saturday, February 11, 2012

Steve Turre - Woody's Delight (High Note, 2012)

Trombonist Steve Turre played in the band of the great trumpeter Woody Shaw for several years during the 1970's and 80's. On this album he pays tribute to his former boss with this solid hard bop album dedicated to the trumpeter's memory. The perception of Woody Shaw has been growing recently with deluxe limited edition re-issues of his Columbia recordings, as well as the recordings of Dexter Gordon in which he was at the center of the band. The goal of this recording was to bring attention to Shaw's music and legacy, and allow the band to improvise on familiar compositions and like minded originals, by transitioning, taking Shaw's musical concepts out of the past and bringing it into the present. Growth and experience have allowed the band to interpret the music, introducing it back into the canon. Going back to a familiar location with a resilient application of the past. The track "Manny's Mambo" exemplifies this approach having excellent mobility with extra percussion pushing the music forward. On the ballad tracks, the spaciousness of the musical arrangements allows the air to flow through and around the music naturally with mind and body becoming one in the moment. The music is familiar and accessible with the autumnal nature of the musical colors showing that the music has a sense of life flowing through it. The band makes a statement and is focused on the music and very supportive and works together as a team. The power of the group is the collective energy presenting a forward looking view of the musical legacy of Wood Shaw. Woody's Delight -

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