Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forgas Band Phenomena - Acute V (Cuneiform, 2012)

Led by veteran drummer and composer Patrick Forgas, the Forgas Band Phenomena plays jazz fusion with a capital "F". Drawing inspirations from classic fusion units like the Mahavishnu Orchestra and progressive rock outfits like Magma, the group creates an exciting and cohesive sound that is potent and complex, but avoids the bombastic label that is often applied to fusion music. (Digression: I've been reading a couple of interesting books on jazz fusion, the newer Birds of Fire and Jazz Rock: a History from several years ago.) The current lineup of the FBP consists of: Patrick Forgas on drums, Sebastien Trognon on saxophones and flute, Dimitri Alexaline on trumpet and flugelhorn, Benjamin Violet on guitar, Karolina Mlodecka on violin, Igor Brover on piano and keyboards and Kengo Mochizuki on bass. The music is deeply textured and woven like a fine cloth, notably on the tracks "Corps Et Ames" and "Feu Sacre" where electric keyboards add brush strokes of tone to the bubbling electric bass and drums, making an ample launching pad for the really interesting front line of violin, trumpet and saxophone. The nature of the instrumental palette offers the musicians a wide range of ways to manipulate their music and they make the most of it. Fans of adventurous jazz or progressive rock will enjoy this album quite a bit. Apparently there is a full-length DVD included in the physical package which looks really cool. I didn't get a chance to view it because I got the album on mp3. Acte V (CD/DVD) -

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