Thursday, March 01, 2012

The New World Jazz Composers Octet - Breaking News

This is a group of up and coming instrumentalists and composers that have come together to form a swinging hard bop outfit that works pretty well, especially at fast tempos. The uptempo performances work quite well. The instrumentalists are accomplished and take the nineteen fifties era hard-bop methodology and try to bring it into the modern age. The music is active and vibrant and the ballads are purposeful save the one featuring spoken word narration which seems to disrupt the narrative flow if the music. They rally well, though, ending the album with a three part suite that pays tribute to the hard bop masters of the past and incorporates their schematic notions into forward thinking music. The group keeps their focus, concentrating on their strengths for the most part, and are largely successful for their efforts. They have a solid engagement with the music, and a destination in mind that they are striving for. The NWJCO perceives their climate well and feature a sense of productivity that is well rounded and level headed. Breaking News -

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