Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wallace Roney - Home (High Note, 2012)

Wallace Roney is a contemporary trumpeter and bandleader who plays music that is open and inviting in an accessible way that does not push the listener away. Their musical vision is validated Uptempo songs have a brisk assertiveness with brash trumpet and strong rhythm accompaniment. Their musical vision is validated by the strength and vision they bring to their art. The band is tight and cohesive with their ballad playing taking on a wounded, bruised quality that shows the groups vulnerability as manifested by their patience and willingness to allow patience to punctuate their musical statements. Slower tempted songs have washes of electric piano, noirish late night trumpet waves and subtle bass and brush-work. The faster songs are brash and strong, stating their intent in a no-nonsense manner. They use well developed themes as stepping off points for improvisatory flights and solo statements. Roney has a deep wel of strength on the trumpet that allows him a wide range of feelings that stay focused on the target of the performance. This album is well designed and pointed, bringing resolution to all of the performances and efforts. The musicians are well attuned to each other, able to anticipate and observe the other members of the band, making for tight and cohesive music. Blending a number of strains of creative jazz, the music is fresh and thoughtful, and has just the right amount of dynamic balance to keeping things moving in a forward thinking manner. People need to re-check their assumptions about Roney and his group, they have a unique sound and a lot to say. Home -

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