Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day 2012: Nothing really special came out and I was almost tempted to pass it by completely, wallowing in nostalgia for The Last Vestige and Izzy's Records. I would up going to Jack's Music Shoppe in Red Bank where the staff is friendly and they know me well enough to say hello. Picked up James "Blood" Ulmer's debut album Tales of Captain Black which was a nice score along with an old Dexter Gordon Prestige release, a typical blowing session, but with Dexter on tenor saxophone it music be good. I'd been reading about The No Neck Blues Band in the Downtown Music Gallery's updates and they have been a band I've wanted to check out for a while. So I was happy to find one of their albums in the marked-down bin, but mortified to see that the cover of the album was a man (band member?) in a state of full frontal nudity holding lobsters (NSFW link.) After joking about it with one of the regular staff, I brought my purchases up and the cashier didn't even bat an eyelash at ringing up the album. I mean it is Read Bank after all, the capital of hedonism on the shore (I had a Jersey Shore reject accost me in the parking lot, accusing me of tapping he precious car while opening my door. She called me an asshole and then went away - typical Red Bank experience) They did, however, give me a plain brown bag for my records which I thought was appropriately ironic. I also bought an LP frame so I could hang a record cover on the well - probably something trippy like Agharta or Pangaea but was terrified that the clerk thought I's be framing the "nude man" album. Such are the perils of being a music geek. I'm spinning the new Spiritualized album on Spotify now - Sweet Heart, Sweet Light. It has the grand sweeping gestures of their earlier LPs but shorter and poppier song structure, good stuff. That record and the new Dr. John LP are my non-jazz picks of the year so far. Really looking forward to the new Jack White LP which drops soon. (Spotify links) Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light. Dr. John – Locked Down

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