Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ross Hammond - Adored (Big Weezus Music, 2012)

Guitarist Ross Hammond has been a prolific presence on the West Coast improvised music scene for more than a decade. On this album, he is collaborating with fellow west coast stalwarts Vinny Golia on saxophones, Alex Cline on drums and Steuart Liebig on bass. The resulting album, Adored, was recorded in Los Angeles at Newzone Studio in December, 2011. This album takes a different track from Hammond’s previous albums by focusing on short themes which allow the group to collectively improvise on the material in an organic fashion, using the melodies as a springboard for spontaneous improvisation. The opening track “Adored” and the composition “Joaquining” have a strong fast up-tempo feeling, somewhat reminiscent of the great Sonny Sharrock – Pharoah Sanders  album Ask The Ages. The material covered on the album has a nice dynamic range, featuring the songs “Sesquipedalian” and “Maribel's Code” which are slow burning improvisations that drive to excellent climactic finishes. This was a well done combination of composition and improvisation that is unique in the way that the music interprets and reflects the spontaneous music, while enhancing its meaning. Fans of forward leaning music should definitely check this out it, is a daring and successful undertaking. Adored - amazon.com

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