Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alexander Hawkins - All There, Ever Out (Babel Records, 2012)

British pianist and keyboardist Alexander Hawkins continues his interesting musical experiments, getting bold swaths of sound from the from the diverse groups and pairings of musicians on this album that are fascinating to hear. He will play with the full group and then split the music down into discrete settings to bring his compositions to light. This album features Otto Fischer on electric guitar, Hannah Marshall on cello, Dominic Lash on double bass, Javier Carmona on drums and percussion and Orphy Robinson on marimba. The combination of marimba and percussion on a few tracks leads the music into very interesting territory, adding aspects of African and Latin music to the progressive jazz sound of the band. Tracks like “Ahab” develop around Hawkins rhythmic piano and Caramona’s robust drumming. His piano is also the centerpiece of “Tatum Token III” where cello, piano and marimba develop a unique soundscape. “Marta” and "AW-JL (Differently)” go in a different direction featuring the cello and slowly adding the other instruments into classical sounding motifs. The compositions on this album were quite well done, demonstrating Hawkins’ varied skills and repertoire. It was an enjoyable and exploratory album with an alluring sound and concept. All There, Ever Out -

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