Monday, May 07, 2012

John Zorn - Mount Analogue (Tzadik, 2012)

John Zorn has always been inspired by mystery and mysticism. On this free flowing composition, he doesn't play, but composes and conducts for Cyro Baptista's quartet "Banquet Of The Spirits" plus Kenny Wollesen on vibraphone. The composition is one continuous 38 minute suite of brooding mysterious music. The sound is lush and spacious with excellent bass playing and fascinating vibes. Developing through skittish piano and brushes, and then shifting back to a shining a vibraphone section developing into a creepier vibe with some spoken voices mumbling and chanting unintelligibly in the background this music is appealing and accessible. Shimmering vibes are the key and Wollensen really makes this album, playing alternately spooky and bright. There's a spacious, unhurried feeling with probing vibes and piano, subtle bass and drums creating a very cinematic feel like one of Zorn's film works projects. As the performance progresses, chiming vibes fly over repeating piano figure building up tension in the music slowly before giving way to another shift to acoustic guitar coming to the forefront. Drawing inspiration from spiritual sources the music is thoughtful and well paced. Patient and enigmatic, this is a continually interesting program. Mount Analogue -

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