Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Many Arms - Many Arms (Tzadik, 2012)

Blurring the lines between post-punk rock and free jazz, the exciting trio Many Arms makes such conventions moot by combining rock intensity with jazz intricacy. They also assiduously avoid any of the trappings of a progressive rock chops-fest, by keeping even their lengthy improvisations taut and the flow of the music inexorable. Consisting of Nick Millevoi on guitar, John DeBlase on bass and Ricardo Lagomasino on drums, the band limits itself to three lengthy performances on this album. ”Beyond Territories” and ”Rising Artifacts in a Five Point Field” develop a Mahahavishnu Orchestra like power albeit cycled through James ”Blood” Ulmer’s playing on classic recordings like Tales of Captain Black and Ornette Coleman’s Body Meta. They come on fast and strong and the energy level is extremely high, but the music is all the more exciting for that, like watching a troupe of acrobats on a high trapeze. ”In Dealing With The Laws Of Physics On Planet Earth” does slow things down for a little bit, allowing the band the band to show its command of dynamic structure, by building block by block until the reach an over the top crescendo. Accessible by both jazz fusion fans and those of punk rock affiliations this album remains thrilling throughout. Many Arms -

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