Sunday, May 06, 2012

Terrie Ex/Paal Nilssen Love - Hurgu! (PNL, 2012)

This high-energy duet features guitarist Terrie Ex from the seminal Dutch punk rock band The Ex and the omnipresent Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. The music is quite exciting, a combination of punk rock and free-jazz that works really well. “Harar” opens the album building tension into a snarling punkish free improvisation where shards of of guitar sounding like pieces of a cracked mirror reflecting light into the pummeling drum assault of hit metal-melting music. Ex scrapes his guitar over riveting dums developing a poison sting of liberating noise. “St. George” stretches the elastic landscape of space and time before slashing guitar envelops the music in a massive metallic wall of sound. Nilssen-Love enters three minutes into the performance and the onslaught begins in earnest with a torrential outpouring of glorious noise. Slabs of sculpted sound waves feeding back into the striking percussion. Scrapes and sighs rattle and clank on “Beadle” squeaking like an old mattress, before Ex enters with gunshots of excoriating feedback. Nilssen-Love builds a massive backbeat against spikes of guitar. The concluding “Meta” brings the album to an abstract conclusion using light percussion and reverberating guitar against increasingly prevalent silence. This album was a lot of fun to listen to and frequently thrilling, it should appeal to both fans of free jazz and punk or indie rock.

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