Saturday, June 16, 2012

Captain Beefheart - Bat Chain Puller (Vault Native Records, 2012)

This is a “new” issue of a lost record by the musical iconoclast Captain Beefheart that was recorded in the mid-1970’s but was eventually shelved in the wake of a dispute between musical frenemies Beefheart and Frank Zappa. Ironically this album is being released by the Zappa estate’s own web based label. The music is the patented mix of the Captain’s love of poetry, deep blues, free jazz and rock ‘n’ roll energy. Several of the tracks that appear here would eventually be re-recorded for succeeding Beefheart albums like (Shiny Beast) Bat Chain Puller and Doc at the Radar Station. Some of the spoken word passages “81 Poop Hatch” and “Ape-Ma” while quite bizarre clearly show his love for wordplay while the title track “Bat Chain Puller” demonstrate Beefheart’s extraordinary vocal range and the dynamism of the band. Aficionados of the Captain’s music are are sure to enjoy this disc with previously unreleased music well remastered and presented with some lengthy liner note essays that put the music and recording sessions into clearer context. Bat Chain Puller - Barfkco-Swill.
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