Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jerry Granelli - Let Go (Plunge Records, 2011)

On his web site, drummer and composer Jerry Granelli wrote of approaching this recording from a mindful and in the moment perspective: “Let go of what you want it to be. Let go of how you think it should be. Even let go of your vision. And so we began by bringing in compositions and tearing them apart to find out what worked. This recording is a crystallization of that process.” You can definitely hear the organic nature of the music and the time they put into preparation was well rewarded. The nature of the music is patient, unhurried and open with the improvisations taking on a moody and slow nature. The group includes Jerry Granelli on drums, Simon Fisk on bass and Danny Oore on saxophones .Highlights of the album include “Dango” with its bowed bass and whimsical saxophone opening slow and poignant without drums. Taken at a medium tempo, the music moves slowly, propelled by elastic bass (both bowed and plucked.) A languorous tempo also pervades “Solaria” with yearning saxophone over autumnal bass and breathy saxophone making way for the guest vocals of Mary Jane Lemond. This lengthy track moves through several different phases and tempi over the course of nine minutes. By packing away any preconceived notions and allowing the power of the music and the trio to come through as a living-breathing unit, the band was able to guide themselves to a successful recording. Let Go - amazon.com