Monday, June 11, 2012

Matthew Shipp, et. al. - Black Music Disaster (Thirsty Ear, 2012)

Harkening back to the great Blue Series of “jazztronica” recordings that Thirsty Ear released around ten years ago, this is a fantastic collaboration between musicians of different backgrounds coming together to perform an epic improvisation that stretches the very nature of space and time. Consisting of Matthew Shipp on Farfisa organ, J. Spaceman and John Coxon on electric guitar and Steve Noble on drums, this is the jazz equivalent of The Velvet Underground’s organ drenched epic “Sister Ray.” I had grown accustomed to Shipp’s unique piano technique, so hearing him on garage-band style organ was a revelation. He begins this performance solo with ominous drones and swirls of noise building in intensity until crashing drums and screaming feedback guitar enter the picture and develop the music into a storming and palpable wall of sound. About the 9:30 mark of this continuous performance, the music builds to an outrageous intensity. Snarling guitar and powerful drumming drives the sound inexorably forward developing a pulsating, hypnotic and psychedelic groove, all anchored around Shipp's dramatic and dynamic organ playing. This excellent album is not to be missed by any fan of free jazz or indie rock. Black Music Disaster -

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