Sunday, July 08, 2012

InterStatic - InterStatic (Rare Noise, 2012)

InterStatic is a genre-defying trio consisting of Roy Powell on organ, Jacob Young on guitars and Jarle Vespestad and drums. They weave together elements of jazz, fusion and progressive rock into a cohesive whole. The group rarely breaks out into scalding improvisation, instead building their energy back into their improvisation, coiling like a spring. “First Vision” develops the music’s viewpoint with guitar probing over skittish and shimmering drums. Young spools out his solo over fast drums and organ drone in a hypnotic fashion. “Washed Up” builds slowly with subtle drumming and smears of guitar feedback as the music gradually gathers pace. Young’s guitar rides over and around the developing drumbeat as Powell’s organ enters and swirls the proceedings into a fine collective improvisation. The band goes for broke on “InterStatic” as fast drumming and droning organ develop a dynamic and well controlled musical environment for the give and take of musical ideas. “The Elverum Incident” also keeps the pace high with storming drumming encouraging strong guitar and keyboards. Powell and Vespestad lay an excellent foundation for Young to soar over the fine accompaniment. InterStatic -

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