Monday, July 02, 2012

Metallic Taste of Blood - Metallic Taste of Blood (Rare Noise, 2012)

While the band’s name Metallic Taste of Blood might portend some type of heavy metal outfit, the band is far more diverse, drawing upon a number of genres and melding them in order to create their own original sound. The band is something of an experimental music supergroup consisting of Eraldo Bernocchi on guitar, Colin Edwin on bass, Jamie Saft on keyboards and Balazs Pandi on drums. The band went into the studio with no preconceptions of what type of music they would make, and in turn developed a strong amalgam of ideas and source material. “Bipolar” shows off the group’s dynamism, echoing the diseases dreadful changes in mood with loud soft passages in composition and improvisation. “King Cockroach” takes things in an entirely different direction by adding aspects of dub and reverberation to the music. The music sounds like a Bill Laswell production with strong powerful bass and booming dub developing a powerful presence in the music like a heartbeat. There is an interesting mix and synthesis of styles and taste, on this album, opening it up for fans of out jazz and progressive rock. Metallic Taste of Blood -

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