Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mole - What's the Meaning (Rare Noise, 2012)

Mole is a multi-national jazz band with an open minded aesthetic that includes aspects of fusion and progressive rock into their own unique amalgamation. Consisting of Mark Aanderud on piano and keyboards, Hernan Hecht on drums, David Gilmore on guitar and Jorge "Luri" Molina on upright bass, the group achieves a well integrated and cohesive sound. Standout tracks included “Stones” with Aanderud playing acoustic piano along with some nice aggressive drumming. Gilmore begins his solo in a probing fashion before ramping up the energy to a stinging interlude. Hecht’s drumming is impressive throughout, strong and supple with a profound sense of pulse that moves the music forward. “Four Tortilla Variation” has fast strong piano opening as drums kick hard and guitar spirals out leading the group to a dynamic sensibility as they ramp up the sound and then back off building tension through a piano, bass and drums feature and guitar solo spotlight. The music of Mole is well detailed and works on multiple levels of subtlety to bring the bands vision forward. What's The Meaning? - amazon.com

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