Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steve Lacy - Estilhacos (Clean Feed, 2012)

This is an exciting improvised performance by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy in a live concert with Irene Aebi on cello, Kent Carter on bass, Noel Mcghie on drums and Steve Pots on alto saxophone. Recorded live in Lisbon in 1972, the music is very hot and exciting, beginning with “Stations” which is an interesting experimental track where the band uses recorded sound and spoken word as a jumping off point for their improvisation, which develops into a blasting collective statement. The medley “Chips - Moon - Dreams” opens with a developmental introduction with what sounds like a harmonica adding texture to the music. There is a torrid alto saxophone solo that makes way for Lacy’s soprano that probes and squeals over strong drums and cello, slowing down the pace before dramatically ramping up to the finish. “No Baby” has a fast, ripe and raw melody with strong grinding saxophone building a fast and raw improvisation. Soprano saxophone comes in strong and loud and occasionally shrill overwhelming the recording equipment, building to a dynamic double horn finale. “The High Way” brings the album to a scalding conclusion with the two saxophones binding with strong drums and cello making for a very powerful and potent collective improvisation. This was a very exciting album to listen to, the musicians go for broke from the first note. The recording quality can be a little raw at times but if anything that makes the music even harsher and more powerful in the levels of energy that the musicians produce. Estilhacos -

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