Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fred Lonberg-Holm's Fast Citizens - Gather (Dlemark, 2012)

Formed in 2002, Fast Citizens are the Chicago based meta-band with three albums to their credit, each under a different leader. On this album, the leader is cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and the band consists of Aram Shelton on alto saxophone and clarinet, Keefe Jackson on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Josh Berman on cornet, Aaron Hatwich on bass and Frank Rosaly on drums. The album opens with “Infra-Red” with uptempo cornet squaring off against spirited saxophone and clarinet. Loping cello underpins the explorations as Lonberg-Holm builds his playing to very fast levels sparking off waves of excitement and encouraging a fine tenor saxophone solo. “Later News” is a rollicking uptempo tune lifting off with scorching cello and rock-like backbeat drumming as the horns come in entering with pounding riffs.  Jackson takes a strong tenor saxophone solo over heavy drums before the full band comes back with a great collective improvisation. “Lazy Day” lives up to its title with long tones of saxophone and cello developing slowly throughout the performance. “Faster, Citizens! Kill! Kill!” is a riotous fast improvisation with its title riffing off of the 1965 cult film. Beginning with snarling electric cello and exciting saxophone and bubbling bass clarinet. There are sections for unaccompanied clarinet and cornet before the full band rebuilds to the wild melody. Gather - amazon.com

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