Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ivo Perelman - Family Ties (Leo Records, 2012)

Saxophonist Ivo Perelman has had a longstanding relationship with London based Leo Records, releasing a wide variety of albums in different musical configurations. This album finds Perelman in a trio setting with two like minded colleagues, Joe Morris on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums. Perelman has a very appealing saxophone tone that ranges from soft and elegant to caustic and abrasive, akin to the laser like focus of Albert Ayler. Morris and Cleaver are also well suited to the open ended nature of the music and work very well both supporting and leading the music. There are two nice long performances, “Family Ties” and “Love” that build slowly to remarkable conclusions of musical emotion. Perelman’s saxophone is particularly poignant on these two renditions, his high pitched cries and wails are never superfluous, but used with tact to convey the emotional content and message of the music. The concluding song “The Buffalo” is just as emotional, but in another direction. Not necessarily mournful, but thoughtful and quiet and meditative, allowing the bass and percussion to develop a deep space that Perelman fills with low, quiet tones. Family Ties - amazon.com

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