Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mario Pavone, Mike DiRubbo and Tyshawn Sorey - Trio (Arc Cafe, 2012)

Mario Pavone is a well regarded bassist and composer who has been performing jazz since the mid-1960’s. He had a fruitful tenure in the great saxophonist and flutist Thomas Chapin’s trio in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, and since then has released several excellent albums as a leader for the Playscape label. This is the first album on the Arc Café subsidiary with Pavone leading a lean trio session with Mike DiRubbo on alto saxophone and Tyshawn Sorey on drums and percussion. Edgy and angular, “Circular” leads off the album with an up-tempo performance that features ripe sounding alto saxophone, bursting to life over responsive bass and drums, all of the music performed in an atmosphere of openness. “Arc Line” has a cool bass and drums foundation, with sharp flurries of saxophone flashing overhead. The boiling pace is lowered to a simmer on “Obstacles” which grows in a spare and organic manner through the slowly building piece. “17 in 14” has a thick pulsing bass heartbeat and nomadic drums, with flares of emotive saxophone crying out. Elastic bass playing once again propels the music on “Deez Excerpt” with swirling saxophone and resonant drumming. DiRubbo really steps out and soars here with long cries and flurries of passionate notes followed by a deft drum solo. This was a very well played album; the group was tight and strong and their performances were risk taking and adventurous. Trio -

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