Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scott McLemore - Remote Location (Self-Released, 2012)

Drummer Scott McLemore takes part in some wide ranging projects from the organ based ASA Trio to playing in the band of his partner Sunna Gunnlaugs. On this album, he is the leader, accompanied by Oskar Guiojonsson on tenor saxophone, Andres Thor on acoustic and electric guitars, Sunna Gunnlaugs on piano and organ and Robert Porhallsson on basses. This is a quiet and low-key session mostly using placid and tranquil textures. They actually start out a little faster with the title composition "Remote Location" that features urgent piano accompaniment under the saxophone and drums. An uptempo bass solo sets the stage for a cool guitar and drums section. "Citizen Sitting Zen" builds on the contemplative and meditative nature of the title with light toned saxophone and drums. As he song develops, Guiojonsson's saxophone turns up the heat for the guitar, bass and drums with the saxophone gliding in and out. Gunnlaugs' piano opens with with a repetitive figure on "Dunegrass" with bass and light saxophone building. There's a subtle ramp-up of intensity, with saxophone and guitar building to a fast end. A ballad piano entry begins "Woods at Night" with slow saxophone and drum asides. The group gradually develops a melodic improvisation increasing pace with guitar overtones. The group develops the music on this album with slow patience that allows everything spaciousness and room to breathe. There's nothing showy or obtrusive about this music, the artists involved sacrifice any ego they may have in order to serve the greater good of the music. Remote Location - Bandcamp

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