Saturday, December 01, 2012

Barr Shea Dahl - Barr Shea Dahl (ugExplode, 2012)

This one flew under my radar a little bit, but when I read about the musicians I got excited. Mick Barr was the powerhouse guitarist behind Jon Irabagon's excellent album I Don't Hear Nothin' But the Blues: Appalachian Haze, while Kevin Shea is the drummer in the great jazz ensemble Mostly Other People Do The Killing. Tim Dahl is new to me, playing bass here and in an avant jazz/noise band called Child Abuse. The music is absolutely torrid, over the course of two lengthy improvisations "Porxen/Proxen" and "Gedra." Although this can be intimidating to listen to, it's two twenty minute blasts of improvised noise, there's a wild mix of fusion, noise/metal and unmitigated free jazz. The music is muscular and strong willed, they blur the lines between post-punk rock and free jazz, the exciting trio makes such genre conventions moot by combining rock intensity with jazz intricacy. They simply blast off into the cosmos on a kaleidoscope of pure sound.Barr Shea Dahl -

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