Friday, December 28, 2012

David Gilmore - Numerology: Live at the Jazz Standard (Evolutionary Music, 2012)

The music on this album is found to be smoothly and gracefully moving between hard driving modern jazz and groove based sections, making for a well arranged and performed live album. Led by David Gilmore on guitar, the band features Claudia Acuna on vocals, Miguel Zenon on alto saxophone, Luis Perdomo on piano, Christian McBride on bass, Jeff "Tain" Watts on drums and Mino Cinelu on percussion. The music flows as a suite, which Gilmore created with a grant from Chamber Music America. It is complex and rhythmically dense set of music, but never overwhelming and frequently exciting. Acuna’s vocalizing is wordless and adds a haunting sonority to the music, falling somewhere between the guitar and the saxophone. Melodies move in texture and create a helix between Gilmore’s guitar and either saxophone or vocals. Solos are to the point and well articulated and never show up the bands achievement as a whole. “Formulation” begins with a nice subtle drum groove that slowly builds while saxophone and guitar harmonize together. Zenon is given a nice solo spot here flying over the drums and percussion bubbling underneath. “Balance” is blazing fast, with blistering saxophone and guitar over pile-driving drums making it the highlight of the set. The set ending “Dispersion” builds with a boiling saxophone solo, giving way to a very cool hard driving section for drums, percussion and piano. Numerology: Live at Jazz Standard -

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