Thursday, December 13, 2012

Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society - Whispers From the Archive (Porter, 2012)

Juma Sultan is an American percussionist, best known for a short term playing with Jimi Hendrix, and several notable musicians from the free jazz scene of the 1950's and 60's.This is a collection of handpicked tracks from the vast collection of Sultan and in particular is his collective group The Aboriginal Music Society. The dates and personnel vary from track to track as the Aboriginal Music Society was consistently evolving as musicians came and went over the years. The band explores a multitude of styles that included elements of African music, jazz, rhythm and blues and soul music. The opener, "AMS", is an exciting 20 minute plus hypnotic track starting out with percussion and then gradually opening to include piano, guitar and saxophone. Rhythm is the key here as it is with all of the music on this album. The group erupts on a riotous blast of blues on "Shake Your Money Maker" with drums, flute and chanting vocals. "Darn My Socks" for two drummers, bass, guitar and vocals delves deep into rhythm and blues. Great lyrics: well, darn my socks/ain't that a fox! Percussion and clapping break up the very long "She Made Me Feel Like Glory" which develops a hypnotic feeling of percussion and flute with vocals. Whispers From The Archive -

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