Monday, December 31, 2012

Kidd Jordan; Thomas Chapin

Kidd Jordan - On Fire 2 (Engine Records, 2012) This is a fine sequel to last years On Fire album, with Jordan playing tenor saxophone accompanied by Harrison Bankhead on bass and cello and Warren Smith on drums. Jordan is particularly inspired, playing his very own saxophone glossolalia on "Speaking in Tongues" where he plays rapid fire bursts of inspired music that is caustic and raw, somewhat akin to the sound Albert Ayler achieved on his early trio recordings. "Waves of Birds" is a dark and intimate saxophone and cello duet, leading into the closing improvisation "Coming Down Blue" which develops a medium tempoed free interplay amongst the musicians. On Fire 2 -

Thomas Chapin - Never Let Me Go (Playscape, 2012) Thomas Chapin was an extraordinary saxophonist and flute player, equally comfortable leading avant grade or mainstream bands. He infused his music with pure joy, and that can be heard here in a band that features Chapin in a quartet setting with three discs of live music from 1995-96. The music often spins out at great length, but the players are always in control, playing riveting versions of the "Moon Ray" and Charlie Parker's "Red Cross." Even oddball pop tunes like"Wichita Lineman" work well, with the band spinning off from the melodies and weaving elaborate solos. This is a very powerful and important package of music from an artist who was taken far too soon. Never Let Me Go -

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