Sunday, January 06, 2013

Eberhard Weber - Resume (ECM, 2013)

This album has been a long time in the making for bassist Eberhard Weber. A longtime member of saxophonist Jan Garbarek's jazz group, Weber has taken on a project of cutting and pasting some of the bass solos recorded live with that group into a melange of bowed and plucked bass sounds, with some lingering keyboards or saxophone wafting by, either in the moment or overdubbed as framing material. It's an curious concept, and the varying snippets of solo bass from different concerts blend together quite well, developing a tightly sewn texture. Weber's bass has a unique sound, he plays special instrument, a five-string electric double bass lightly amplified and in possession of a springy elasticity which helps the music weave and flow. Using echo and delay technology he can make his music seem even bigger and wider. It's an interesting project: sampling and remaining the past to make a statement for the present. For this album, Weber has returned to his own recordings as source material and reworked them much like an artist might mold clay into a unique album with its own sense of narrative and flow. Resume -

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