Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Slippery Rock (Hot Cup, 2013)

Although some people might be surprised given the ironic name of the group and their memorable album cover parodies, but Mostly Other People Do the Killing is a seasoned band, playing at the very forefront of modern jazz. The members are very well versed in the jazz tradition and are committed to carrying the spirit of innovation forward. The band consists of Peter Evans on trumpets, Jon Irabagon on saxophones, Moppa Elliott on bass and Kevin Shea on drums and percussion. The band comes out of the gate swinging hard with “Hearts Content” which has a killer backbeat of bass and drums, setting a great foundation for dramatic interplay from the horns. Irabagon gains purchase and then Evans climbs aboard, joining the fray, before leading the full group back into a fine collective improvisation. The wonderfully titled “Can't Tell Shipp from Shohola” is a sly wink at pianist Matthew Shipp from a piano-less band. Evans is featured with some ironic slurred trumpet that develops into a punchy solo with moaning saxophone woven in underneath. Jon Irabagon is let loose like a caged beast on “Sayre” with a torrid and thrilling saxophone solo, while “Yo, Yeo, Yough” features Peter Evans giving forth rippling waves of trumpet like a clarion call of power. Slinky and subversive, “Is Granny Spry” ends the album on an excellent note. Ignore this group at your own peril, because they have one of the freshest and most uninhibited sounds around. They have a talent for developing earworms that stick in your mind and demand replay. Slippery Rock -

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