Thursday, February 07, 2013

Alexander Von Schlippenbach - Anticlockwise (FMP, 1983)

This rare album is a collaboration of pianist Schlippenbach’s regular trio consisting of tenor and soprano saxophonist Evan Parker and percussionist Paul Lovens with American bassist Alan Silva. The music is composed of two LP side length collective free improvisations, “Ore” and “Anticlockwise” which make use of a wide variety of approaches to keep the music continually interesting. Parker's lines are swooping and swaying, particularly on the soprano saxophone, where he had developed a post-Coltrane approach to the instrument all his own. Schlippenbach will hang back, creating a foundation for the group and then suddenly spring forward for quick and strong hammered phrases that are both stark and startling. This album was only released on vinyl in 1983, and is now available through Destination-Out’s store as a download.

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