Monday, March 18, 2013

Jared Gold - Intuition (Posi-Tone, 2013)

This is a light and nimble organ unit featuring Jared Gold on the Hammond B-3, Dave Stryker on guitar and McClenty Hunter on drums. This album feels like a real leap forward for Gold, he is channeling more energy than on previous releases and letting loose a strong Larry Young influence that serves him well. The middle section of the album is where they strut their stuff the best, beginning with “Hoopin’ On Sundays” where Gold develops strong, pulsating organ with strong drum interplay to excellent effect. “Shadowboxing” is a dynamic performance that comes storming out of the gate with a strong progressive feel (Young’s influence is felt particularly strongly here) but the musicians are well in control and able to throttle back and forward the intensity as necessary. Hunter gets a nice spot to shine on “Bedo’s Blues” with is nimble drumming supporting viscous organ before they both deftly drop into a perfect pocket for Stryker’s guitar interlude. “Right Nowish” has a very cool rhythm and blues vibe to it with a quicksilver guitar solo paving the way for Gold’s most interesting statement of the record, grinding the organ, digging deep, and testing his imagination. Intuition -

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