Monday, May 27, 2013

ADA Trio with Steve Noble - Live at OTO (PNL, 2013)

The ADA trio is a powerhouse unit of free-jazz royalty consisting of Peter Brotzmann on reeds, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello an electronics and Paal Nilssen Love on drums. Joining them for this live performance at the club OTO in London is the British per percussionist Steve Noble. "Part I" is the meat of the album, running nearly 40 minutes. Great drumming and harrowing saxophone reverberate around scouring bowed cello and electronics. Brotzmann's saxophone lunges full tilt into a torrid full band improvisation framed by caustic electronic laser blasts. Brotzmann is unperturbed and carries on with a dynamic waxing and waning solo statement. Thrilling music storms the senses led by two drummers mercilessly flailing away. Percussion, cello, bells, shimmering cymbals, smears of electronics. The intensity ramps down briefly with probing saxophone and electronic squirts. Soon enough they return to a full throated howl, with a thrilling drum duet before Brotzmann and Lonberg-Holm renter and guide the group to a full on Armageddon conclusion. For the encore there is no way to match the pitched battle cry of the main performance so they go in the opposite direction with percussive brushes duetting with cello and Brotzmann adding a long-tomed anguished wail. Wild stuff, highly recommended for free jazz aficionados.

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