Sunday, May 19, 2013

Alex Sipiagin - Live at Smalls (Smalls Live, 2013)

Trumpeter Alex Sipiagin is having an excellent year, by my count this is the third album he has released in 2013, and all feature his strong playing and post bop construction. This album is a freewheeling live album from the Smalls nightclub in New York City with a band that features Seamus Blake on tenor saxophone, Lage Lund on guitar, Dave Kikoski on piano, Boris Koslov on bass and Name Smith on drums. The album has the feeling of a jam session, with the excitement and passion of a group of like minded musicians coming together to explore a common bond. But the music never slides into pretentiousness, the lengthy tunes have a intricate ensemble playing and heady solo sections that come together form a cohesive whole. “Live Score” gives you a feel for the music, with the group setting the pace for solid and uplifting modern-mainstream jazz. There is quite a bit of space available for solo statements, and particularly memorable is the tenor saxophone solo by Seamus Blake on “Videlles” where he takes the raw material of the song and constructs a number of interesting variations upon it. Live at Smalls

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